Four-Wheel Move the Body but Two-wheels Move the Soul

Four-Wheel Move the Body but Two-wheels Move the Soul

A bicycle is a useful transportation medium that helps us to reach a nearby destination without polluting the environment. Cycles can be used for transport, recreation, exercise, or sports. People engaged with cycles are called "Cyclists", "Bicyclists" or "bikers". People who are fond of bicycles prefer to buy MTB Bicycles as they have a good appearance, look classy & available for all age groups.

Bicycles can be of different types & styles:-

  • Road Bike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Folding Bike
  • Fixed Gear/Track Bike
  • Cruiser
  • Recumbent Bike
  • BMX
  • Touring Bike
  • Utility Bike

One of the most important cycling's road cycling. Because the cycles are lightweight & can cover large distance easily. It includes relaxation, racing, mitigation, and utility cycling. As the people obey traffic rules, the cyclist also has to obey the rules in road cycling, however, there are certain exceptions. The price of these bicycles is reasonable & everyone can afford them like MTB Bicycle prices are inexpensive as compared to their quality.

Despite this, Cycling gives you plenty of health benefits:-

  • Increases your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Increases muscle strength & flexibility.
  • Strengthened your bones.
  • Decreases Stress level.
  • Decrease body fat
  • Make ourselves fit & diseases free
  • Reduced anxiety

How does cycling works on Specific Health problems?

Cycling improves both physical & mental health. The common health problems which can be reduced by cycling are:-

  1. Obesity: - Obesity is one of the common problems in youngsters due to unhealthy food, they gain weight. To make themselves fit & look slimy, they prefer to go to a gym or take fat to lose pills which are not good for their health. Instead of doing all these if they prefer to do cycling 1 hour in a day within a month, they look lean & cycling also gives them other health benefits. Research also said that an average person will burn between 450 to 750 calories per hour through cycling.
  2. Heart diseases: - It includes stroke, high blood pressure & heart attack. These problems can be occurred due to thick blood as the heart cannot pump the blood correctly. It can also be cured by cycling as it strengthens the heart muscles & reduces blood fat levels which leads to good healthy heart prevent all the problems. Research said people who biked regularly had about 15 percent fewer heart attacks than non-cyclists.
  3. Cancer: - Researchers have studied the relationship between cancer & cycling, especially bowel & breast cancer. Regular cycling reduces the chance of bowel cancer. While in some cases it reduces the risk of breast cancer as well.
  4. Diabetes: - Type 2 diabetes in most cases doesn't involve insulin therapy but only needs a balanced diet & exercise. Physical activities like cycling are the other mainstay of therapy, as it promotes the consumption of glucose in the muscles and helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels which lower the effect.
  5. Mental illness: - Mental illness includes stress, depression & anxiety. Cycling & walking release the" feel-good" hormone known as "endorphins". These hormones help us to relax our minds and make us feel happier. It improves your mood and lessens the feelings of anxiety. Research shows that those who regularly do cycling have a significantly lower risk of feeling stressed.

Note: - Regular cycling cut the risk of death from any cause by 41%, the incidence of cancer by 45%, and heart disease by 46%. On average if a person clocked 30 miles per week, they cycled the greater the health boon. Today there are so many websites to buy MTB cycles online that directly deliver them to your doorstep.

How does cycling help the environment?

  • Pollution is increasing day by day which causes great damage to the environment but the Bicycle is the environment saver. It is the best way to reduce CO2 in the environment. Bicycles are commonly used in foreign countries by every age group on regular basis.
  • According to Researchers, bicycling could save 6 to 14 million tons of CO2 and 700 million to 1.6 billion gallons (2.65 to 6.05 billion liters) of fuel each year.
  • An estimated 8,887g of CO2 emissions are produced by burning one gallon of fuel. 29% of greenhouse gases are emitted by the vehicles like cars, motorbikes, etc.
  • Cycling an estimated to save 0.6–5.6 billion EUR (0.73–6.81 billion USD) of CO2 emission every year. 16 million tons of CO2 equivalents are produced every year. While the USA produced 4,571 million metric tons of CO2 emissions in 2020.
  • The estimated savings on noise pollution reduction are 0.3 billion EUR (0.36 billion USD) per year thanks to cycling.There is a list of some Best MTB Cycles in India which are environmentally friendly.


In mainland Europe, people use Bicycles:-




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Important points about cycling:- 

  • Cycling can easily fit into your daily routine like by riding to nearby shops, parks, school, or work.
  • Riding a bike is healthy, fun-loving, and a low-impact form of exercise for everyone. • It is easy & cheaper to maintain a bicycle than a car.
  • Bicycles are well organized in transforming energy rather than travel by cars, trains, airplanes, boats, and motorcycles.
  • Many companies organize cycle events every year to involve more people in it. • It is not a time-bound exercise you can do it anytime in a day.
  • Big importance is that you can get fresh air, sunlight, and nature, all of which make you feel fantastic.
  • Everyone should involve this exercise in their routine which helps both your fitness & environment at the same time.